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Medical Quality Assurance (MQA) Services

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Current Licensee Services

The following online services are available for current licensees. Access to online services require practitioners to login.

  • Renew License
  • Update Address
  • View Profile
  • Update Profile
  • Print Confirmation of License
  • Request Duplicate License
  • Counterfeit-Proof Rx Vendor Information
  • Public Health Emergency Declarations
  • One Time Fee Assessment
  • Continuing Education
  • Subscribe to CE Broker
  • Customer Concerns and Suggestions Survey

  • Applicant Services

    The following services are available for persons and facilities planning to apply for licensure or are currently having their application reviewed.

  • Apply for Initial Licensure Online
  • Apply for Retake Exam
  • Exam Services
  • Check Application Status
  • Check Exam Results
  • Compare Nursing Education Programs

  • Other Licensee Services

    Want to know more about recent Practice Act changes or want to know more about how to change your license information?

  • Request License Certification
  • Other License Activity
  • Important Changes to Your Practice Act
  • Make Payments for Other Licensee Transactions

  • Profession Board/Council Homepages