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License Number: ME99126

Medical Doctor
License Status
Year Began Practicing
License Expiration Date
Controlled Substance Prescriber (for the Treatment of Chronic Non-malignant Pain)

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Primary Practice Address
3510 Coral Way
MIAMI, FL 33145

This practitioner does NOT participate in the Medicaid program.

Staff Privileges

This practitioner has not indicated any staff privileges.

Institution Name City State
Email Address

Not Provided

Other State Licenses

This practitioner has indicated the following additional state licensure:

State Profession

Information in this profile has been verified by the practitioner.

Specialty Certification

This practitioner does not hold any certifications from specialty boards recognized by the Florida board which regulates the profession for which he/she is licensed.

Information in this profile has been verified by the practitioner.

Financial Responsibility

I have elected not to carry medical malpractice insurance however, I agree to satisfy any adverse judgments up to the minimum amounts pursuant to s. 458.320(5) (g)1, F. S. I understand that I must either post notice in a sign prominently displayed in my reception area or provide a written statement to any person to whom medical services are being provided that I have decided not to carry medical malpractice insurance. I understand that such a sign or notice must contain the wording specified in s. 458.320(5) (g), F.S.

Information in this profile has been verified by the practitioner.

ARNP Protocol Documents

Section 464.012(3), Florida Statutes was amended in the 2017 Legislative Session requiring that an established protocol be maintained at certain locations.

This section removed the requirement that the Board of Nursing reviews or maintains protocols at the department. Instead, established protocols must be maintained on site at the location(s) at which an advanced registered nurse practitioner practices, as well as any updates to protocols.

In the case of multiple supervising physicians in the same group, an advanced registered nurse practitioner must enter into a supervisory protocol with at least one physician within the physician group practice.

Protocols received prior to this law taking effect will continue to be reviewed. Content provided on the ARNP Protocols tab will no longer be updated, as of June 23, 2017. Here is a link to the law change: , see pages 6-7.

If you have further questions, please contact the Florida Board of Nursing at (850) 245-4125. The Board's website address for additional information is:

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